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10/2/08 Quick Harbour Bash


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Got out at 4 and went straight for squid.. ONLY ENDED UP WITH 1!!! :mad3:

Droped it in and within 2 mins my mate was on for his first ever king. Come in at 66cm! at least it wasnt a throw back. Me mate was wraped to nail his first king and bust his cherry and he reckons it was almost worth getting wet.

I was happy he finally got on and the new rod got blooded.

then things were very slow for us, lots of hits from little peckers on some frozen rubish squid. This continued for a few hours and nothing. back home and washed up by 10.

water was very brown and not a lot of action at all.

bring on next weekend!


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Not a real bad effort Vince, a bait and the right taker is mission accomplished.

Now how's that song go "Monday..... Monday"... Shame you're back at work down the coast ay, Vince. Monday is already looking like a good day to me. :D

Cheers mate

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Anyone who owns a 911 is too rich to deserve Kingfish

Owned actually :wife::wife::wife:

need i say more?

i know :wife: will never forget though and better front up with a ripper of a suprise one day

but let it be known that it costs more to set up a boat thats well sorted and to maintain it than it did to do the same to a classic 911.

enough said on the matter.

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good work mate,

there is a BIG temp drop in the harbour atm

im sure it will affect the kingy bite this week due to the big heavy flush of fresh water out there,,

middle harbour was like coffee :thumbdown: and sat around 19-20oc

lets hope next week fires up..


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