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Sunday Session In The Harbour

Black CC

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Evening all,

Had a strange morning on the harbour today. I was lined up with 10 other boats collecting yakkas at Balmoral and caught 5 Trevally on the jigs, 2 of which were well over 30cm - a little bit strange. We did manage plenty of yakkas and sent them over at the yellow marker bouy off Dobroyd around 7am.

After 5 minutes one of the rods starts bouncing a little and one of my 2 Kingy virgins on the boat grabbed the rod in anticipation of a mighty run. I had explained to both virgins that they needed to be prepared to make sure they didn't get smoked on the bottom so they were both pretty fired up. Virgin Brad starts slowly reeling the line in and says to me "I've got a Kingfish but it didn't fight". To my amazement there was a King flapping on the surface looking extremely sick. I pulled it over and it was only 55cm but it just didn't kick - very strange. After I took the hook out I gave it a long recovery swim but it just seemed extremely sick. After letting it go it kicked a little and then floated to the surface. Never seen a sick King before.

We spent another 20 minutes for no result and my credibility with the 2 virgins (a sick King doesn't count) was pretty low at this point, so we headed towards Shark Island. On the way we scored a couple of squid and I dropped over a couple of strips, a head and some squid guts as soon as we arrived. The boys watched me bait these lines and thought I had no idea what I was doing but fortunately Brad, who thought Kings didn't fight much and was comparing the fight to the Flounder he caught on holidays, managed to hook up a 63cm model which went real hard. The other virgin then got a 66cm King that also went real hard and restored my credibility. Had a couple more hits and Brad got smoked on my game rod - order had been restored.


Black CC

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