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Leaving You


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A man came home one day after work to find his wife packing her bags.

"What are you doing" he asked his wife in shocked disbelief.

"I'm sick of you" his wife replied "You're thoughtless, self centred and don't treat me like I'm a prosittue. I'm moving to Kings Cross and I'm going to work in a brothel. I figure if I'm going to be treated like that, I may as well get paid $150 a time to give men what I've been giving away to you for free all these years"

The man immediately grabbed a suitcase and started packing too.

"What do you think you're doing?" asked his wife.

"I'm coming with you to see how you think you can live on $300 a year!"

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G'day mate... I actually meant that I thought you'd like the joke based on your own posts... it only dawned on me afterwards that it may have another interpretation. You're lucky with the shoe collecting though... it makes it a lot harder for Mrs Stumpy to argue about that new fishing rod.

Personally, I work on the principle of having so many fishing rods that a new one is never noticed anyway.

Cheers, Slinky

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