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Can A Overhead Reel Be Used On A Spinning Rod?


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The short answer is no. :(

The reasons are:

1. The backbone of the blank will be on the wrong axis

2. There won't be enough guides to prevent the line from fouling on the blank when used upside down

3. Mostly, the action of a spinning rod is different to that of a baitcaster. The spinning rod will most probably flex a little more again causing the line to foul on the blank under load

4. The reel seat configuration is most probably not comfortable for an overhead. Most overheads have a trigger for comfort and stability.

Spinning rods and baitcasting rods are different beasts on every level.

That said, you can still do it of you really want to!!! :thumbup:

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Hi my03. I don't think a better reply than Cephs indepth description could be given. Also when chosing a production line rod or any other similiar rod for that matter the guides and the reel seat are not always aligned to the optimum and the sweet spot in the blank may be outside the axis. Axis is a good word Ceph has used to describe it.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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