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Poppers & Plastics In Lane Cove


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Met up with an old mate from the states on my mates cruser in Lane Cove this arvo for a couple of beers and a casual fish. His boat wasn't going anywhere due to mechanical probs but its a nice venue for a :beersmile: I had picked up some squirt worms and took some light outfits aboard so we could have a line out while we had a barby and a few :beersmile: The water was still coffee-coloured and my expectations were not too high. I also took my growing collection of HBs and christened my new clear popper with 3 nice 30cm+ bream over the drop offs. Noone seemed interested in fishing so I stood on the transom and had lots of fun flicking in the breeze while chatting away. The squirt worms were being snavelled by mostly undersized critters but a nice 33cm whiting nearly pulled one rod over the edge before being added to the keeper net. I switched the popper to a slick rig squidgy and picked up a 50cm flatty on the first flick. After a very pleasant couple of hours I had put together a great feed and cleaned the lot to give to my mate for a feed for his family. Those poppers are sensational for a visual fishing experience and I will look forward to using them soon off my kayak. Sorry no pics but my yanky mate will email them to me for posting later.


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