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Sat Harbour Fish


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Havent put up a post for a while so here goes...

Had a great day on the water but shit house day with the kings.

Started off at roseville @ 530 and headed over to the spit for a run with the squid... bagged 4 squid in 4 drifts.. they went quiet so went to balmoral to greet about 10 other boats chasing yakkas.. The water was pretty dirty with fresh water and the yakkas just werent interested in the jig so after 15 minutes i shot to my never fail yakka spot and bagged about 15 or so in as many minutes...

So keen to get some livies in the water went to red marker x and dropped a live squid and a live yakka... things were quiet so decided to toss stick baits at the marker... My cuz yells im on and lands a rat 55cm without much of a fight... 1st king onboard i was pumped... things were very quiet so tried rose bay with no luck the colours with no luck (watched a chinaman keep 4 baby kings) then tried north head but the 2 metre swell washing machine was not my cup of tea...

So 4 squid 15 yakkas 1 king and talking rubbish with my cuz and bro not a bad day..

They do say the worst day fishing is better than the best day working...

Got home washed the boat and made myself salt & pepper squid boy it was good!!

Ill be back out next sunday to fill my boat with kings!!!


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