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Little Slinky Vid


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Just thought I'd try to deny my 42yo tecnophobia and try to work my poor old brain around Youtube. I'm not the best at making it work well but here's a vid of Little Slinky getting pulled around the boat yesterday by a king. Good thing she wasn't using Tony Fishfinder's custom rod (due this week) as her rod hit the gunwhale a couple of times.... I think 3-4kg of drag is a little too much for her still!!

You can see the chaos in the boat from my Cecil B De Mille impersonation as the camera gets completely forgotten in the effort to:

clear the downrigger

land the fish

stop Little Slinky from going overboard

She's a little legend and I'm very proud of her though (in case none of you had noticed!!). Look out Junior prize at the Social.

Cheers, Slinky


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