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Hi All

After last weekends great session Rodhogger (aka 7yr old son) was keen to give the Bay another go. Hit the sand flats late morning yesterday to get some nippers and up around 6am today to fish the run out. The weather forecast predicted sun and light winds however my definition of "sun & light winds" seems to be very different to that of the Bureau of Meterology :1badmood:

Had a couple of friends along today so the little tinnie was stretched to capacity as we plowed our way across the Bay. First stop was last weekend's spot - after 30 minutes not a touch so up anchor to the HWO. Another big donut there and with the pressure now on big time and a very uncomfortable wind making matters worse I take a punt and we head to another not-so-secret spot of mine with fingers crossed.

2nd bait down and we are finally away. After this there is a steady stream of Bream, Whiting, Flathead and Trevors coming in. An hour of this is plenty for everyone to have a ball and we head home with about a dozen fish. RH is also secretly relieved as he was confidently predicting "heaps of fish" which was not looking good at the start.

Most interesting catches today ended up being the smallest ones - a 15cm shovelnose (very cute at this size) and a whiting barely 10cm


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Hi Esky6

No big secret on the nipper location - I get them from the NE side of Captain Cook Bridge, just east of the sailing club.

To keep them overnight I put around 2" of clean water in an old esky with an aquarium air pump on low. Pull out those that are dead so they don't contaminate the water and you should be able to keep them easily until the next day. A normal 40lt esky can hold around 50-60 nippers. If you have more than this I would split it into 2 containers as they will get too crowded.

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Well done again Nicnat. Another good bag of assorteds in trying conditions. :thumbup:

Sometimes fishermen put a slow start down as a donut day, yet dig their heels in and keep waiting in the wrong location for the particular day. Botany Bay certainly draws in a wind tunnel in those "light" southerlys and I reckon bread and butter fish can be uncomfortable hanging in there over a length of time.

The situation can often change if the fisherman anchors up and moves over to the opposite side and goes into a cross wind area or down wind closer to the furtherest shore until they strike it as you did.

If they don't take particular notice of what the wind is doing, and the gusts, and anchor up and move, they haven't given themselves every chance.

What could have been an excellent day can often be reported as being non productive.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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