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Marine Survey Maps


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Morning Raiders,

Can anyone suggest a good source (& ref) for a marine survey map for the harbour (& MH)?

I vaguely recall someone mentioning the ref recently (slinky?)



Try this link:


You can view them here and also purchase hard copies from NSW Maritime online.

Hope these are the ones you meant.



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Gday Qwyjibo,

It wasn't me mate but I picked up some great maps from a map store in North Parramatta on Church Street. From memory its on a corner opposite the BP Service Station.

The maps I got were marine bottom surveys (or something like that) of Port Jackson and Broken Bay. They have a detailed contour map or the sea bottom as well as detail of the bottom structure (sand, rock, etc). You can see every reef, rise, hole and ledge.... I've found a few of my favourite spots with them.

Cheers, Slinky

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