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You all know how bad this condition is. When the kings are in the harbour it's really hard to concentrate on less important things like work, lawn mowing, breathing, etc.

Well I think I'm finally tipping over the edge into madness. Just picked up a 2nd live bait tank for my battle wagon (only a 4.8m Quinnie). Since BrettP, Little Slinky and I have been braining the bait gathering of late we've been having the problem of what to do with the squid and yakkas to stop them killing each other but having enough to last the day.

I found some 25L screw-top barrels at a boat store so got one with some plumbing components so we can have squid in one tank and yakkas in the other.... that's getting really obsessed don't you think? If the kings don't fire we could always run around all the Raider boats and sell livies :1prop: I'd like to be the first Yakka tycoon. We'll have to work out a little flag that we could fly when we need bait.

See you on the water, Slinky

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If the kings don't fire we could always run around all the Raider boats and sell livies :1prop: I'd like to be the first Yakka tycoon. We'll have to work out a little flag that we could fly when we need bait.

See you on the water, Slinky

I can see it now...Yakkas-R-Us

Listed on the stock exchange


Yakka Hut...30 minutes or it's free (or dead) :1prop:

You might have something there Slinky



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Hey you kingfish mad fellas. Went fishing in the Lake (maquarie) yesterday armed with ONLY a light soft plastic setup(6 Pd Braid and 10pd Leader on light spinner rod) hoping to get a few flattties, well was i in for an afternoon, flying across the lake i noticed out of the corner of my eye some birds diving into the water about 100m away and with them the surface was alive with splashes and commotion, i pulled a hard left and headed across to the action, looked down and laughed at the only rod i had and the 2inch squidgy on the end, oh well worth a shot, i knew what would happen. I've never really targeted these fish mainly because i am not clued up about them but know enough that when their there they will nail anything and they did. First cast, smashed like hell and snapped off, next 3 casts ended in similar style, my hands shook as i tied whatever i could find back to the line, cast, smashed i was on again, played for about 20mins (no snags around so tried to wear him down) i was on my own so the light line, no net buddy and the hand shaking adrenalin was agaisnt me, got the big fella within netting distance to the boat and i swear i saw him wink as he turned and spat the hook. Casted what was left of the soft plastic (im talking the jig head and a pissweak bit of yellow plastic) back out into the frenzy and landed one of these beautiful fish. Lesson learned, always go prepared. Any info on where and how to catch these guys more often would be great, i've got a decent live bait tank on the boat but suppose get stumped as to when and where to stop and try and catch kingies, do you always hunt out this surface action? I have got much heavier gear but just didnt pack it yesterday, never again. Cheers, And as for this disease, i was only at work today in body, i was doing some serious fishing upstairs.

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g'day Youngy... doesn't sound like you need any clues for technique mate. Live baiting is probably the most consistent way to catch them, then fishing with squid so fresh you'd eat it yourself, but throwing soft plastics is an easy 3rd in line and by far the most fun and adrenalin pumping.

Do just what you did but upgrade your gear a bit. Most kingy spinners take a 4-6 or 6-8kg spin rod armed with braid in the 10-20lb area depending on preference. Like with your light softie work a good graphite stick in the 6'6' - 7'6' range, then add a 2500 or 4000 size reel.

The number 1 lure is the humble stick bait either fished weightless on a work hook or with a jig head. Brands are personal preference but I use 6" Mojos or 9" Sluggos for weightless fishing and 4 or 5" Gulps on jig heads. The next most popular choice for casting is probably poppers.

Don't know about the lake but whenever I find schools of any pelagics working in the harbour, there are usually Kings hanging underneath them even if they're not on the surface. You can tell the species often by the way they're working on top... kings tend to boil rather than turn the water to foam, but I'll usually start with surface lures then if I'm catching tailor or bonnies or something, I put a jig head on and let it sink under them before retrieving.

If you can get yourself onto a boat in the harbour with another Raider, you'll learn everything you need to know about Kingies in short order.

Cheers, Slinky

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