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Botany Bay Sunday Morning


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When out with fellow raider Jewfish King early sunday morning in search of Mr Jewfish Kings first kingy, things started out badly when we hit spot 1 in the bay, too rough and we were both starting to feel a little queezy so we headed further inside the bay to spot 2. Spot 2 was alot calmer but the action was very slow, only managed 1 just legal bream, then about half an hour after sunrise one of my rods start to cream after a battle that lasted a few minutes bang, my 40 pound trace is snapped....SPEWING!!!!

We only had to wait a couple of minutes for Mr Jewfish Kings rod to go off next, another brief battles ensues, one which Mr JF King has felt before. After several attempts at netting the evasive bugger a 65cm model is boated and Mr JF King a a kingfish virgin no more.

No more than five minutes laster Mr JF Kings second rods begins to sing, this time the Kingy wins, busts him off with 30 seconds. After that all went quiet so we packed it up, and Mr JF King couldnt stop smiling. Ive added a pic im sure Mr JF King will frame and mount in his living room shortly.


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