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Frazer Is Fishing Classic


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hi raiders planning on going up to the fishing classic at frazer is has anyone been up and have and have any of u guys got any tips we have the choice of a 5.2m tinny or a 5.6m yalta craft please help too fish the inside off the island or the out

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Is the island classic for tailor? Or is it any species? My dad lives on the water at hervey bay he can see the island from his house :) A lot of tailor are taken from the fraser island beach (seaward side) but he said in winter if you troll you can get them in the great sandy straight, which is the inside of fraser island. Beach fishing is your best bet though for tailor around the wreck of that boat I can't remmeber the name of :(

As for other species, a smaller boat is probably better for flatties and bream as you can get into the little creek drainage areas coming off the island, which all hold good fish. If you have the bigger boat though you will be able to cover more ground which is a lot better for finding the fish because there is a lot of water up there. Try kingfisher bay wharf for all sorts of crazy species, or the reefs for snapper and other reef species.

One of the real drawcards in fishing terms of fraser island though is the whiting. Drift the western side of fraser and cast into the shallows for some really big whiting. Watch out for the weird fish you catch that look like whiting but have big teeth though. I'm not sure yet if they are edible or not, but if you're not aware they could give you a bad bite.

let me know how you go!

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I went up and fished the rivers and channels that run into the sandy straits from the mainland, there is some great fishing up there and if your armed with a decent map can really make the most of a few days, the weather didint accomodate making the journey across to the island (10 days of shit) so i found a few nice spots aruond where i stayed at poona and tinnanbar, i caught a wide variety of fish and lost some stonkers on a few occasions when flicking plastics, a bloke who stayed next to me nailed a 70cm+ barra the day i left so perhaps there are a few there, i'd reccomend taking the alloy boat, if your fishing the western side of fraser there is a sandbars to wazoo (lots) so that hull would be a goer. As for fishing The beaches on the eastern side, good luck to you, pray to the weather gods for some decent sky-work as i missed the oppurtunity to get over there.

Yeah, the whiting were in abundance and big, im talking finger tip well past the elbow. lemon pepper whiting break lunch dinner

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