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Botany Wide Dollies And Ouch...........

Guest GoFish Pete

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Guest GoFish Pete

Hi all

Finally had a day off from work and the weather was good enough to get out for fish , I had a little look at Desperate and Boatless and noticed that Landbased was keen to get out for a fish so a quick PM and it was organised.

We headed out from the Cooks river ramp at about 4am and headed straight to Molineux point to get some livies and today they played the game and in about half an hour we had enough for a session so of we went to the 9.5klm Fad.

I wanted to see if the Pakula Uzi from last time and a new one would work their magic on the Dollies and again they were awsome , first pass and Chris got to land his first dollie. :thumbup:



More passes with the Uzis out and we got more and better fish , the rain started to close in on us so down came the screen and we decided to head to the wide FAD. More trolls past the wide Fad and the Uzis worked their magic again and I got another big one that came in at 113cm :thumbup: .If you look closely at the pic you can see something silver in my foot and that its on an angle. :wacko:


We stopped trolling and switched to bait and livies , they seemed to be happier just to eat a pillie and would chase poppers but were a bit hook shy.

It was getting harder by now (9.30am) so I tried some smaller deep and shallow diving minnows that worked and caught more than just fish.......... One little undersized Dollie thrashed about and managed to get one back , the Vmc treble on a Rapala lure got well and truly embedded in my foot but didnt hurt too much so I removed the treble from the lure and carefully fished for the rest of the day and had it cut out of my foot by my Doctor at 5.30pm. It had gone behind some tendon or something and needed the barb flattened before removal , what hurt the most was the needle which unfortunately is starting to wear off :(


All in all it was still a good day out and good to take out a fellow Raider but I certainly will be wearing appropriate footwear next time.


GoFish Pete


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Nice bag of dollies Pete and Chris. That big one is a bruiser.

So when do you open the new jewellery shop Pete? I hear trebles

are the new black in body piercings this year. :074:

Bloody hell...that looks painful :1yikes:

Take a bottle of scotch to work tomorrow and keep taking belts until

the pain subsides..or you fall over..whichever comes first.

Get better quick and hopefully we'll see you Sunday at the social.



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Gees Pete that looks nasty.

Hope those holes heal quick.

A good reminder to everyone with the Kings and Dollies about. Watch those trebbles!!!

We have had a few close ones with the Kings lately.

Well you did what you said you were gonna do...

Well done on the dollies by the way! Youre getting good at those meter plus ones.



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Well done on the dollies Guys.

You'll do anything to sit on your arse at work. The girls must be sick of your injuries this year. Notice any common denominator with your injuries Pete?

See you soon.

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Nice dollie shame about the treble in your foot mate.

I copped a fish spike up under the fingernail.

Did my best to get it out myself but gave in and went to the Dr when it got infected.

The local shot into my finger tip was the most painful injection i have ever had. :1badmood:

Once done he just scrapped it out.

Went home for recovery :beersmile:

I like bare feet in my tinnie but on seeing that i may have to go back to shoes.


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Guest GoFish Pete

nice catch Pete and Chris.

Pete, shame about the treble.. hope you didnt damage the lure :1prop:

Hope it heals fast!


Its all good I got to keep the treble :biggrin2: just one point is barbless now.

The Rapala will live to catch more feet , oops I mean fish :thumbup:

nice fish mate! what colour was the uzi that you were using? i have a couple and am curious as to what colour they preferred. top stuff. It's interesting that they snubbed the livies for pilchards and skirts.


The Uzi colours were Evil Angel and Pink Angel.


Nice catch guys.

This may be a dumb question but what is an uzi?

Besides a fully automatic machine gun :-)

Its a Pakula skirt in a small size , will catch anything from Tailor to Marlin.


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