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Sliding Snell Q.


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Just checkin out some animated knots online and was wondering if when using a sliding snell the common snell lower hook is the mainline, when the sliding snell is tied is it then cut neat on both ends and holds fine with only the other line passing through to the common snell on the other hook? Might sound a bit stupid, anyway cheers

Or is there suppose to me two lines, one from the lower hook through the sliding knot and to mainline and another from the sliding knot, if so how and when are the two joined

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You use a short length of line to begin a snell on the top hook. When nearly finished pass the main line through the eye and then finish the sliding snell. Trim off both ends of this line. Pull through the required amount of mainline and snell the bottom hook on.

Note::: some people put a small length of plastic tube around the main line where it goes under the wraps of the slider and through the eye of the top hook as well.

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