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Stressful Day!


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Hi raiders,

another raider Ali called me yeaterday afternoon saying how :ranting2: of a day he had at work, inwhich i had as well..We sugguested that we needed to have a stress free nite and went out into the bay..

We hit the water around 6pm and headed to our spot.. All looking good, with 5 roods out,, BINGO!!!!! After a good fight for 10min we landed this approx 12-15kg JEWFISH,, This Jewie took me for a ride around the boat 3 times,, how lucky that Ali had pulled up the anchor and also the motor..

In a space of 3 hours we caught 3 kingies ,2 flatties and a Jew!!!

We are now--Stress FREE!!! :1prop:

looks light we might be out again 2nite

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JFK, was great to see your handy work with the rod yesterday arvo but i must admit the guy with the net was an absolute legend :1prop:

Kingies at night eh! Thought they were mainly a day-time target.

Congrats on the fine captures.


Most of the kingies we've caught have been after dark in botany bay, there are a couple of places in the bay where they seem to congregate in the evenings, works well for us since we're at work 6 days a week during the day.

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