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Jewie Attempt


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Just come in from fishing the Parra River -

Caught two live bait, taylor and yakka......... about 7.00pm riged them up.

they died while i was fishing for more. So sliced them up 'butterfly' and sent them out....

I reeled them in ; about 8:00

- the taylor just had the head left......

- the yakka was gone. I was shocked.

So what am i doin wrong.... When they are dead i put a hook through the mouth, and a hook through the tail and acking like a stinger. (7/0 Hooks, no sinker)

Still ended up catching alot of bream and a nice flathead. (while trying to catch live bait) So it wasn't all bad.



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Looks like youve got it down pat with the stinger to ensure a good hookup. My bet is that what ate the taylor and yakka leaving the head wouldve been pickers.

Consider a reasonably lighter trace? and a sinker wouldnt hurt when chasing jewies coz they like feeding off the bottom. Good luck with it :1fishing1:

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