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Shimano Symetre 2500 Fi Spinning Reel


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Gday Everyone.

Just wondering if anyone has used above reel and what their thoughts were..Any good?? I know this may sound basic but is it good enough for most fishing purposes..

Its selling for around a hundred bucks or so...I want a good durable reel without paying the big bucks and I can fish with anywhere..

In anticipation ..


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Gday mate..

I have one of the older model Symetre 2500s and it's great.

I got it second hand off another fishraider about 3 years ago and its still going great, nice smooth reel and good quality for the price.

I have mine spooled with 4 and 8lb fireline for SP and bait fishing.

I just had it serviced and it's good as new, when I was picking it up I looked at the current model Symetre and it seems like a great reel for the money also.

I will also say this though, I ended up purchasing the '08 model Stradic 2500fi instead of the Symetre and it is a much much better reel in a lot of ways. It is more expensive but if you keep an eye on ebay you can pick them up for under 200 bucks and they really are worth the extra money.

This is without doubt my favourite reel.




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G'Day Bongo.

I have had a Symetre 2500 Fi for just over 18 months now, matched up with a Shimano Raider rod. I have found this to be a great combination.

It's really smooth in operation, both casting and retrieving. In my opinion, you can't beat it for the money.

I have mine spooled with 6lb braid and it works well both lure and bait fishing.

I would hate to think how many casts the reel has done but I normally go fishing at least three times a week, sometimes more, and it has never missed a beat. And I must confess, I'm not too good when it comes to cleaning my gear after fishing.

I gave it its first service last week, which wasn't too dificult, and now it feels like it performing like new again.

Anyhow, enough of my raving. In short, I would recommend it.


Graham. :beersmile:

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hey mate i use a symetre 2500 for chasing flatties and small pelagics with lures, its very good value for money.

when i first go it, i filled it up with fireline, and all i got was wind knots tho for some reason. since then ive switched to sunline in the 6lb and it casts beautifully!

Hey would u be able to PM where youre getting it from? i wouldnt mind another one for 100 bux!?


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