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Thanks Huey


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hi guys

about a month ago i put a post up asking advice on prop size and pitch and one the many replys i got was from Huey and as usuall he was spot on with his advice, acting on the advice he gave me i went back to my dealer and got him to exchange my 18 degree prop for a 16 degree prop which wasnt easy but with some arm twisting he agreed

I tried out the new prop today and i was very impressed with the change.The motor is now much more responsive,jumps out of the hole and and accelerates quickly upto a top speed of 35 kn @5600 rpm

so again THANKS HUEY :thumbup:



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Hi arked, no problem mate and I am glad I could help. Good to hear you now have the correct prop for your rig. It does make the world of difference when the right prop is on a boat, no matter what brand of outboard.



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