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Cat Fish Bite

Mrs Stumpy

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Thursday was such a lovely day to pack a lunch and do a bit of land based :fisher: with a friend. After trying to find MY tackle box and reel I finally just grabbed what was closest and head. Who need kids, :1badmood: nothing stay's your own unless under lock and key. So headed of and decided the rules were 5 points for a keeper, 3 for a good fish but undersize eg bream or flathead and 1 point for yuk fish,eg cat and puffer fish.

First stop was under Brooklyn bridge. Mere Male caught the first on a hand line and as if was coming in I said CAT FISH. I was right. Second fish MM realed in was another cat fish and I was on as well. Next thing I here was "BLOODY THING JUST BIT ME" :1yikes: Turned around and it was bleeding like anything. Trying not to :074: as the silly bugger tried to just flick it of the hook and keeping my sarcastic comments to my self, first instinct is to grab water and wash it B4 putting band aid on. As soon as the chilled drinking water hit it the pain increased 100 fold. Called flight manager for his :15: and decided to head for hospital as swelling and redness was travelling up the arm.

Moral to the story is don't put cold water on a cat fish bite, hot as you can stand it only and BiCard in the water helps as well and two don't fish with anyone who is that intent on winning they will have to be taken to hospital just to win the comp.

By the way my line only had a catfish on it and the second rod I grabbed in hast had no handle on it. So moral no 3 would be to always check your gear first.

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Hey there

Are you sure it was a catfish bite? Catfish usually sting using three spines - one on the dorsal area and two on the pectoral area. They have venom glands that quickly inject venom when they pierce your skin. Freshwater catties also have these spines. When people get stung they often mistake it for a bite. Estuary catfish usualy have fairly blunt teeth, prresuming that is what you caught.

It's best not handle the head area of a catfish with bare hands. They flex their spines in defence.

I hope you feel better. Sometimes a catfish sting can cause grief for a few days. :(


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OUCH !!!!!!!!!!!

I remember the first time i caught a catfish.

I put my foot on it whilst i attempted to get the hook out. I gave up trying to get the hook off and just cut the line. When i lifted my foot off the catfish was stuck to my shoe.

His top spike had penetrated the rubber sole of my jogger.

Lucky for me i had shoes on as i am allergic to some venom. Last time i got stuck by a bee beach fishing i was still scratching for weeks after the swelling had gone down.

Beware of critters :ranting2:

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catfish from mooney mooney brooklyn right?

well I too have been stung by one when I was 12 or so. I remember being a kid and bing silly, I kicked the crap out of the catfish only to find out later that left me with a massive hole pierced into my shoe and on top of my foot! Little bit painful, but was better then to be humiliated by others (well thats what little 12 year old shy kid would think!!!!) I didn't tell anyone as there were alot of family friends were present (picnic).

Anyway on the way back home (luckly it was at the end of the day) I started feeling little bit of pain and it started increasing. Naturally I got scared and told my parents. The pain was like getting stabbed by a little sharp object and increasing my leg was getting this tingling sensation.

Anyway long story short, I delt with it and remembered eating KFC (food always made me feel comfortable! lol) I have only ever visited a doctor once in my life (that when I broke my arm).

PS catfish sting hurts but wont kill you :) you don't need to goto the hospital just grin and bare :) well if a 12 year old kid did it so can you :) (just kidding :1prop: I know venoms all effect differently to each individuals)

PPS. I mentioned KFC helped me, but please don't think I am some fat boy who replaces love with food :1prop: even when I broke my arm first thing I did was go get myself a kebab! (when I was 14).

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Well Jo - I like that you mentioned Flightmanager's name (knowing that he is such a celebrity on FR) ... what about the phone call to me to google catfish poison? It's no surprise though that when I did google it, it came up with a post from Fishraider - what a great resource this website is!

If you are going to fish around the Brooklyn/bridges area I'd suggest you purchase one of those rip the guts/hook from the fish thingymebobs and keep it in your own fishing tackle pack. I normally slide the claw (fish scales) thingy over the catfish's head then remove the hook with the hook remover thingymebob - this method works well as you know from our Thelma & Louise adventures.

Cheers Marg :insane:

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PS catfish sting hurts but wont kill you you don't need to goto the hospital just grin and bare well if a 12 year old kid did it so can you (just kidding I know venoms all effect differently to each individuals)

Actually , if you do get stung by a catfish , hospital is exactly where you should go . The pain can be quite agonising , also , there is the danger of infection , which requires the administration of antibiotics .

You might like to have a look at THIS POST to see just how ill a catfish sting can make you .


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