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Team Slinky At The Social


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What a great day... caught a doughnut for the first time this summer but an absoulutely fantastic day on the water.

Thanks heaps to Stewie, Donna and all the Raiders who helped in any way to make this day happen. It's fantastic to have a website that actually breathes and fishes and says hello. It doesn't happen without a lot of hard work... it's appreciated by the Slinkies (even the non fishing ones who are really happy to see Gemma out of their hair).

Thanks particularly to all the raiders who took the time to say hi to Little Slinky like Stewie, Donna, Stumpy and Cam (and others)... she had a great and memorable day... getting up at midnight, 'camping' on the boat in a sleeping bag while BrettP and I caught squid, eating a grown up fisho's breakfast on a beach in the dark, swimming, and meeting a bunch of new, friendly faces.

Now to the important stuff.. the report with no fish!!

Got to the spit bridge at about 2.00am to catch squid and was lucky not to be decapitated. If you thought the downrigging vs anchoring debate was hot... try lining up 8 guys on top of the spit bridge and creating a wall of nylon and braid for unwary boaties to sieve themselves through. I don't remember thinking any charitable thoughts about their choice of fishing possie. I like Little Slinky with her head still attached to her shoulders. Thanks very much guys... hope you appreciated the visit from the local constabulary!!

Thankfully Little Slinky and I were spared a day of BrettP with no pants when he finally managed to boat one sad, lonely little squiddly. Brett's luck with the squid today was summed up when he gave up in frustration and handed his rod to Little Slinky after making another cast into Lady Jane beach, only to see her hook a ceph moments later.

Went to Clifton Gardens to partake of a couple of the best bacon and egg sandwiches ever. I'll be cleaning the overflow from Little Slinky's life jacket for a week... she loved it.

Had our first live squid bait on mini-me's rod eaten by a tailor... boy do they fight.... NOT. Then spent the whole day presenting delctable fresh baits of all kinds to the fish showing plentifully on the sounder to have them all studiously avoided. I think our baits scared the kings over to several of the nearby boats. That's the only reason I can see that we seemed to be missing out in the middle of sporadic burst of activity. Team Slinky therefore feel justified in claiming at least partial Kingy assists.

Next time anyone wants to catch a king, just come and park near us.

If anyone sees my straw hat, please leave it. When last seen heading W/SW it had committed itself to attempting the first solo crossing by a hat from Australia to New Zealand.

Shared a whole lot of laughs, food and fun back at Clifton Gardens with the rest of you all. Got to see another junior first king celebrated.... GO CAM! Love your war paint. And generally had a great wind down to the fishing. Apart from all the pushing around of boats that is... who needs a gym.

And then the final chapter of a memorable day was doing the boat ramp version of a mardis gras with about a million other people, all trying their best to get out of the water before Autumn ( and I think some of us managed it). Had to admire the old couple though who managed to stay relaxed and calm in the middle of the melee rather than feeling any pressure to GET OUT OF THE WAY for people trying to launch or retrieve.

Loved every minute of the day Raider cast and crew!! It would have been nice to get into the fish but that would have just been the ising on a delicious cake. Thanks heaps.

Slinky & Little Slinky

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Nice report Tony. Little Jewgaffer and I feel soooo sorry for Little Slinky having a long day like that and not getting the action she deserves to keep her interested for next time.

Tony, just give me a call and we'll see what we can do on the Hawkesbury jew one Saturday or any other daytime session which suits you.

I've got a pretty lively live bait spot all sewn up and it's close to a couple of quick early morning kingfish hits for Little Slinky for starters, then she can enjoy a nice day on the jew with a tasty bit of onboard dining ay :D

Don't worry Little Slinky, Little Jewgaffer said don't be disheartened, he'll help you out.

Besides having the chance of getting into some good fish, the kids will sure have a lot of fun playing the largest variety of deepwater freaks the Hawkesbury has ever produced !

That sort of bi catch catch in large numbers I can absolutely guarantee, in fact I can give a lifetime warranty on it :lol:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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