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Hawkesbury/ Lake Macquarie Abt


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Hi Guys,

Im entering into both the hawkesbury and Lake Macquarie ABT event and need a non-boater to put my entry form in with.

If your introsted please P.M me, ill be sending my entry in, in the next few weeks.

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Guys ive had some P.M asking me to pic them, i might not have explained myself properly so hear goes.

As Iceman as already said you need to be an ABT member to fish ABT event,the reason ive asked for non-boaters is because im a boater puting in my entry form and if i get a non-boater to put his or her entry form in at the same time it garentees both of us a place in the event thats all.

So having said that if your and ABT member and are thinking of entering into either the Hawkesbury or Lake Macquarie event as a non-boater please P.M me.

Sorry for any miss understanding. :1fishing1:

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