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Fishing Locations For Forster To Tomcurry?


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Sps around any of the jetties or boats on both Tuncurry & Forster side - a buddy hooked a 22lb flattie there a month ago near one of the charter boats! Anywhere along the breakwalls, but be prepared to lose the odd tackle, as the big ones sit at the bottom!! If he has BIG sps he can go for Jewies on the last of the out tide on eiither side of the breakwall - anywhere past the Beacon on the Tuncurry side or from about the 6th light near the end of the FOrster side. Livies work well too.

Anywhere along the estuary on Forster side. On half low, go to Tuncurry, turn left off the bridge & go down Point Rd. Past the jetties where the pro boaties tie up, is a shallow bit that allows you to wade across to the island. You can cast lures all round it! Bream & flatties & whiting. You need to keep an eye on the tide, tho, and return by half high! I got marooned there once & had to hail down a boatie to take me back to shore ..... didn't want to get wet to the waist! Further along Point Rd is a deadend with a 'reserve' off to the right. Nice deep channel there - can get anything from bream, flatties, whiting or jew!

Beach fishing - I haven't tried recently, but can only assume there will be blackies & drummer off the rocks just now, as it is cutting up rough just now! Just be careful! Wear those studded booties.

Good Luck to your mate!!!!



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