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Bimini Twist Help


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I went to the effort of learning to tie bimini twists, but i'm not sure what you do with them?

how are they utilised in terminal tackle?

can someone exlpain pls ? it's really irritating me not knowing

hi mate you use the bimini twist and the plaited double to one double your line so that when you tie it to a swivel you have the full breaking strength of your line for example if you had a single strand of ten kilo tied to your swivel your line would probably break around 7 kilos depending on what knot you used if you double your mainline it now would be 20 kilo and the knot to your swivel would be about 14 or so kilos .so therefore exceeding your mainline can also be used for stronger section near the trace depending on the length of the double sort of like a wind on

bimini twist also adds a bit of stretch to the business end of your rig,was real keen on using them in my ansa 1kg days

hope that clears up your irritation

cheers arman

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thanks but how do you actually attach line with a bimini twist in it to a swivel?

you know how after you tie a bimini twist you have a loop, do you just thread the loop through the swivel and then pull the swivel back through as you would put a hook on a dropper loop or am i off here?

And does that mean you have to use a swivel in rigs that incorporate bimini twists?

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Hi Laredo,

Inhlanzi is spot on with the cat's paw knot... it's the one that is recommended in all the knot books and stuff. The advantage of having doubled your line though is that even if you attach your double to a swivel with a uni-knot (what I sometimes do) it will still be a stronger connection than the breaking strain of the main line.

Just make sure that when you tighten your knot (whichever one you use) that the strands of the double remain even. This is most easily done by pulling the knot tight holding onto the main line, not the loop.

The other knots you should learn are those to tie a leader to your double. There are lots again but the Albright knot is a standard option. There are others that have a slightly slimmer profile so it's easier to wind the double-to-leader knot through the guides onto your reel (which allows you to fish with longer leaders.

Cheers, Slinky

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In my experience the bimini is stonger BUT you must make sue the lengths of each side of the double are equal.

I tie a version of the bimini with the end sides twisted and therefore there can not be one longer side then the other. It gives the double more strength and more shock resistance.

I then use a hangman uni to a swivel. If you can find a stronger or more reilable double to a swivel please let me know!



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