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Pipeclay Session Today Anyone?


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At work atm, but if I happen to get off early enough I might try and put in an a quick afternoon flick...

Good luck though! look forward to seeing a report, and hopefully a pic of Mr Flattieman that busted me off with the hook still in his lip


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Where is Pipeclay point?


It's about a 1km walk along the new track, which starts at Jamieson Park at Narrabeen Lake.

Have a read of the great piece in the articles section.Here

Pipeclay is #13 on the map.

Try this for a map:


Pipeclay is at the tip of that green park. You walk along the track for about 3/4km, then cut through the long reeds and there's a long sandbar there. That's Pipeclay Point.



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Well that didn't go as I had planned.

Couldn't raise one flattie (or anything else) in 3 hours.

Switched SPs regularly and varied twitches for bugger all.

To top off a shit day, I managed to fall over near the end and in went my new Stradic 2500 to the sandy bottom. (Sorry Steve) :1badmood:

It's off to Shimano tomorrow for a flush out.

Water looked nice down there though.



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