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Boat Rego


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Yep...you can do your license and Rego as long as it is just payment. Did all mine recently.


Just been to the rta, you can pay it there as with your licence but you cant do transfers of ownership there.

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Yes you can. I paid mine at Maritime the other day and asked the question.

It's even written on the back of the rego.

As long as there are no changes to be made (ie new motor etc), no probs.

:1welcomeani: To fishraider fRuItCaKe

Thanks for the info

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RTA accepts standard boat licence / registration payments

If you are in the area the RTA registry at Blacktown also has a separate Maritime office contained within the same building .

I normally pay mine across the net - just expect to wait weeks for the rego sticker to be sent out to you. :thumbdown:

regards Bill

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There you go! :)

I stand corrected, thanks for that. :)


Dont worry too much about it Robbie, its only a relatively new way to

pay, (RTA), I think less than 12mths.

Heres a brochure sent out to me recently guys.



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