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Just Got A Boat Hull


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Hi all i have been given a boat hull the owner thinks its 15foot as he hasnot measured it there is two problems 1 no trailer about $2500 new.

Also 2 no motor is is a half cab fiberglass ill post pics soon.

He is a good reliable mate and said it still floats so im hoping it does but no trailer no test till i get it in water but if its on tires can i put a bit of water in it and check for holes that way.

If any one nows of a suitable trailer and reliable motor please contact me.

Also what would be the info i would need for the hull.


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Mate that stinks of trouble to me...

Obviously I don't know all the circumstances and have not seen the pics yet but a floating glass boat does not mean it is structurally sound.

So far you need a motor and a trailer, what happens when you need a transom or a floor?



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Hi Tony, check the floor and transom for rot and post some pistures and the guys on here will be able to help you out more. If the boat is solid and you like it, than if it is for free at least the price is right.

A new trailer will cost you about $2,500, while a good 60HP-70HP will set you back about $3000 so for about $6-$7K all going it will be a cost effective little boat.

At present we have a good second hand 60HP Evinrude and I was just on the phone with a guy looking at a new E-TEC and he has a late model 75HP Mariner that might also suit the boat.

Post some pictures when you can and we can help you out.



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so far it looks ok but ill start on it before work tomorrow to get some pics then itll be a big thing for the weekend if all goes well the boat will be in the water by summer it just means ill have to wait longer to get my motorbike OH well can have it all straight away can i. i ahave already had someone want it off me and a couple of others i know were triing to get it because they looked it over and thouhgt it was a good grab.

pics soon

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