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Sliding Snell


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Hey all, i've got the common snell down pat and understand how to tie a sliding snell knot, my questin is where do the lines from the two hooks end up and where does sinkers and swivels go, it seems a far better option for live baiting then the perferction loop im using at the momment, if anyone could knock up a simple diagram on paint or word or somethin and send it my way that'd be super. Come on, the weather is crap, give ya something to keep ya busy. Cheers, Youngy

I've checked out various videos of how to tie it but my query is how it fits into a live bait setup.

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Yeah i've watched that mate, does two individual lines run from here (one from common, one from sliding) and where do lines join ? or how? Whats the best way to use this knot when live baiting, have a sinker at bottom, up to a treble swivel with 2 lines running to bait then the mainline at the top?

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Not sure this helps but this is what it looks like finished... the line 'coming out of' the top snell is the main line that passes through the sliding snell and is then connected to the bottom hook.

the Snell on the top hook is tied with an extra piece of line. Both ends of the snell are trimmed off once the main line is passed through the snell and the snell is tightened. It sounds like you might be thinking that you need to attach the top tag of the sliding snell to something.... don't.

You should end up with a double hook rig on the main line but the top hook should be able to be moved up and down the main line to suit your bait. You use this double hook rig exactly the same way as any other hook or 2 hook set-up. You can use it on a paternoster as a dropper or like a lot of us do with downrigging & livebaiting, used with either a sinker above the trace that has the 2 hook rig at the end of it, or with no wieght and just clipped to the downrigger bomb.

Hope the pic helps but you should only end up with one piece of line to attach to anything.

Cheers, Slinky


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