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Thru-hull Trans Ducer


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Hi Caine, if the transducer has good power outout it will work fine thru hull on a small gauge alloy boat, not as well as a correctly positioned transom mount though. On your boat I personally would fit a transom mount because thru hull will not give speed and temp like the transom mount tri-ducer will due to not having a paddle wheel.



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Hi caine

Are you talking about a through hull tranducer - ie cut hole in bottom of hull to install or are you talking about a shoot through tranducer - puck style that is epoxied onto hull or put in a wetbox inside the hull?

Through hulls are great on bigger boats as they can be positioned to be in a very stable place in the waterflow an will give great readings at speed- you gotta get that position right. They are used a lot in moored boats as you simply unplug it from the hull and put in a blank so no growth gets on it when not on board.

Shoot through pucks I have heard mixed results with on tinnys- even plate boats and but Huey would have more recent experience. They do work very well on fibreglass boats if the hull is layed up well and there is no air bubbles. No growth and , they don't get knocked off by debri in the water , people on the swim platform , fishing line etc but their downside is you lose a little of the wattage / power you paid for.

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