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Help With My First King (please)


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Hi guys,

Got the whole of next week off work :yahoo: and was hoping to devote it to catching my first king. I live on the central coast and have a Stacer SF 400 bass elite to fish from (not the best sea fairing vessel). I was hoping that you guys might be able to help me with where and when to fish and rigs / bait ect. I am by no means a master at catching squid but have a little spot i can ussually get a few, so bait should be ok and i have a 7' 8-15lb loomis with a 4000 twin power on it with 20lb fire line, so tackle should be ok. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Hi Gary,

Location wise i can't really help you, but you want to look around areas where there are reefs, points and other forms of structure+bait. Rigs then try a fairly large ball or bean sinker, onto a swivel and 40-60lb trace with one or two 5/0-8/0 sized hooks. I find the squid guts to be an excellent kingy bait, although it is a bit fragile and soft, it normally does the trick.

Good Luck


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I'm the same with locations on the Central Coast and in Pittwater I've always used a downrigger... let me know if you've got one.

If you're happy to drive to Sydney Harbour, the kings have been very cooperative for the past couple of months. I can pm you with a couple of squid spots if you like but at least 50% of the kings caught this season in the harbour have been on yakkas.... You can get heaps at the North East corner of the 'island' at Balmoral (not giving away any secret... you'll recognize it by the fact it usually looks like a boat showroom between the hours of 5am and 7am).

The trick with the yakkas is to try to get smaller ones although plenty of raiders have successfully used big buggers too. I've not done it but i'd also suggest you keep a rod out baited with big peeled prawns... they've been picking up plenty of Kings lately.

As to spots... fish near any of the habour channel or ferry markers and you're in with a very good chance at a fish.

If you flick back through the threads in the fishing reports section you'll get heaps of info.

cheers, Slinky

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Watsons Bay is also worth a try , I have been smoked several times there on 6lb gear , we even had a super yakka bitten in half amongst the moored boats !!


gee your game ross, 6lb what were you thinking lol.

markers in the harbour are a go or even around the rocky shorelines in the wash at north and south head.

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hey gary,we'll be on the harbor early tuesday morning,watsons about 4.00am for yakkers,then to the wedding cake for a bream session on 4lb.6.30 chasing kings,i try outside first[blue fish point then back in] south head to bondi]if that fails i head in the harbor .thats the plan so far.

regards brickman

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