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Silver Beach Bream


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There's something about my dad, i dont quite know what it is. I tie the hooks and sinkers, I cast the rod, but as soon as i hand it to him to do something, he's on. Every time we go out it happens. Its like he has some sort of fish luring lucky charm. I cant seem to catch anything to take home unless he comes along, and when he does come along, he always seems to catch something decent.

Anyway, i came home from work this afternoon and my mum had cooked up last weekends catch. We were loving the bream, so we decided to go back for more. Team Jabroni loaded up the car and were on our way to Kurnell. With my dad getting older, i knew we wouldnt last long with the wind in our backs. Within an hour we'd unloaded, set up, and caught these two, as usual, dad got the bigger one, but atleast i got 1.

With our backs stiff, fingers cold, and a fish each, we headed home.


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