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A Fishing Moral


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One evening an old fisherman went to bed for his last time. Through the night his age caught up and he slipped quietly over to the other side.

He found himself wakening in a beautifully set up fishing cabin with a full range of equipment and a dozen different tackle boxes all packed with different gear. A note on the table said:-

“Welcome to Heaven. All of your aches and pains have gone and your body has been restored to peak fitness. Your every need is provided for in the cabin and as you were a keen fisherman during your life the cabin is surrounded with pristine fishing environments.

I will be here in a week to discuss your time in Heaven.


St. Peter”

Not bad he thought to himself.

Looking out the back window he could see a lovely stream flowing into a beautiful lake. He grabbed the fly rod that was setup in the corner and head out. He very carefully and quietly waded out into a prime looking area in the stream and fired off a cast. Bang straight away he was onto what turned out to be a bigger than his lifetime PB trout. The rest of the day was spent in a similar manner, every five or six casts he would land a monster trout.

The next day he wandered out to beach that was in front of the cottage. The beach rod that was in the cabin also came with a bucket full of live beach worms. His first cast was aimed at a nice gutter sitting twenty feet from the shoreline. Before he could set the rod into the holder he was on. Ten minutes later he pulled a huge Jewfish up onto the beach. Seven more of these beauty’s came in before he headed back to the cabin.

Similar things happened everywhere he fished, Murray cod came in on every second or third cast of a lure, the estuary delivered flathead that all went over 95cm and took softplastics that didn’t seem to hit the bottom. A boat moored at a jetty took him to a reef 500m from shore that held huge kings that devoured live yakkas every five minutes. It didn’t matter where he fished he got record fish by the boat load. At one stage he threw a bare hook amongst the oyster leases and landed a 65cm bream. He could do no wrong the fishing was incredible.

After a full week of catching every known species with very little effort St Peter turned up.

“Well how are you finding things here” he asked

“I don’t know what I did in my life to deserve this” the fisho replied

“Yes it is quite nice here in heaven” replied St. Peter.

“What I meant was” said the fisherman “how did I end up in this Hell”


Think about it


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