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Launching Boat At Roseville


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hey guys a mate has pulled out last minute for a harbour trip so im off solo

jus wondering if anybody launches their boat on the own at roseville and is it manageble. does it have a beaching area i cant remember. or is their an easier ramp to the harbour somewhere about. i usually fish botany which has an area to beach the boat.

cheers guys

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yeah Tricks,

I often launch at Roseville solo (Little Slinky can't help too much either).

There's a good pontoon so I usually drive off the trailer, tie up at the pontoon, park the car, then off. The best way to recover is to get a spot at either edge of the ramp. There's no 'beach' but there are rocks that are easy to hop onto with deep water right up to them.

The other way I sometimes do it if I get a spot on the left side of the ramp (as you look at the water) is to tether the boat with a really long line, push it off the trailer, then walk around to the pontoon holding the other end. Doesn't work when it's busy though.

Even when it's pretty windy outside, it's usually pretty quiet at the ramp.

My boat by the way is a 4.8 Quinnie.

Cheers, Slinky

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This is a bit late but the only real problem i have found with roseville is when the wind is coming directly at the ramp, which seems to happen to me all the time :-) i normally prime the engine and get it going before i push it off...

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