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Pittwater Blackfish


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Hi Guys,

due to windy weekend and family commitments kings in the harbour have to wait till next weekend so decided to have an early morning luderick session to settle the fishing itch....

decided to try taylors pt wharf in pittwater as i had not been there for a while,its a good spot but hot one day and zip the next....

got there as sun was peeping over the hills and put out a bream bait with frozen yakka fillet first off then left my squid rod dangling midwater as this is great squid place at times.....

bream rod had couple little runs but only pickers but in retreiving bait noticed 2 nice squidies follow :biggrin2: ...

quickly flicked squid jig in kill zone and within 5 mins had those 2 plus another one that shot out from under wharf camakazi style while i was trying for that second one :thumbup: ...

enough of that and time for what i came here for blackfish.. first cast out and burly bomb deployed then the long wait and many tactics tried starts...... as it got lighter i could see water was very clear and could not see any blackfish rollin in seagrass as you do when its clear like this.. mmmmmm time to try some drifts into deeper water......

its now about 7am and no downs,not from lack of trying mind you... this is where experiance helps to keep confidence up and try another trick in the arsenal.... swapped baits and hoiked float 20ft into a deeper hole in grassbed... waiting watching turn to bucket for another burly bomb..... sh%t wheres float..... quickly pull slack line watching for float and lift rod to set hook :yahoo: im on...... a very spirited fight ensues and he stays out wide so i play him out then bring him in flapping on his side knakkered to my eagerly awaiting net.... quickly put him in keeper net and hes only 32cm,fight was similar to much larger models.... over the next half hour i got another 3 downs and landed another 32cm and 35cm and lost one around 35 to 38cm to pulled hook...

pulled the pin around 8am to head home very happy to have 3 nice blackfish and 3 kingies.... well hopefully those squid will be converted next week to kingies :biggrin2: ..

cheers... steve....



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Well done Steve!!! Top looking fish! Nice squid, too I keep reading about these nice big blackies down Sydney way & am getting jealous!!! Send some up our way ....... altho I was watching an old fella catching some 30cm+ from the marina jetty yesterday ...... may just have to go down for my 'fix'!!!

:dito: to what Swordie says - hope to meet up with you next time you come up to visit the rellos!!!!!

Once July comes ..... watch out!!!

Weed is scarce up here already at the moment! Since they did remedial work around the pond, a really nasty slimey sludge has begun to smother the weed that was there! :( Problem is, it was the council that did it! :1badmood: ANyone else would have been fined or something!



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Hey Steve

That was me chassing squid down there at tailors a night or 2 before your successful mission. Looks like you nailed my squid again haha. Think ill have a dig for blackfish as you said as swells to big rock side at the moment. Nice fishin m8 :thumbup:

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good to see you joined up mate :1welcomeani: to the site...

you will love it here and soooooo much info an people willing to share and help.....

use the search link up top to go through past posts and you will be amazed at what you will find... :thumbup:

yeh..it sure was a nice morning session in the end......


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