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Bait In North Harbour And Middle Harbour


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Thanks to the person who suggested the little headland in the middle of balmoral for yakkas. It was really productive for me last weekend. The directions were perfect, ie about 12ft of water etc etc. The burley was important.

Im just wondering where to get slimmies around there... doesnt anyone know any decent spots for slimmies? I know one or two in the main harbour, but not up north or middle.

I have seen a fishing video of a certain pro who suggests that shack bay is good for squid?

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not sure on slimy spots but i've seen that video as well and shack bay would be as productive as most squid spots around the harbour, probably a bit harder to fish if theres a big swell though, i have found that every now and then the squid will hang around those more turbulant areas.


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