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Shimano, Uglystick, Environet & Few Items 4 Sale


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couple of items for SALE. May be off on the prices so make an OFFER

ORIGINAL shakespeare Ugly Stick

ESP2130 - Fuji guides/seat

butt has been cut for better casting and handling


Silstar Crystal Power Tip

PC701SSL - 7ft, 6-8Kg


Shimano Taipan O/Head Boat rod

10-20Kg, 5ft and 6"

graphite composite construction


Pro Fishing UF100 Baitcaster

star drag, magnetic spool control


Silstar LF35 spinning reel

spoolled with (i think) 8Lb mono


Jarvis Walker 8ft General purpose rod

5410Kg, 2.4mtr, action-med-heavy

$40.00 ($50 combo with Silstar LF35 reel)

Crab Pot - $20.00

EnviroNet landing net

$60.00 (only used a couple of times)

Large Landing Net - long handle

(only used a couple of times)


I''ll try and post some pics aswell



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