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Thumper Snapper In The Botany Bay "2" Late Report


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The beautiful wife and I anchored near the oil wharf just looking for what came along (as they say a day on the water is better then cleaning the toilet :05: ).

Anyways out goes the herly and after about 15min the bites started on the humble peeled prawn (Aldi) and in comes the first of two Trevally's but it tangles around the herly bucket and gone. I was spitting as No 1 son loves the Trevally over any other fish caught in the bay, go figure? :wacko:

Then the Stadic starts bouncing all over the place with lots of head shakes (thought it was a little red) but there was some weight, then I think "foul hooked the bugger" and i was dragging it in sideways. As it got closer I saw it was a decent redy, grab the net and in comes a 33cm legal and tasty Snapper (I wasn't complaining).

Next came the wifes Dusky with the old saying "I lost it", then the "Oh Shit" its a flathead. After that she brings in her own Snapper coming in at 31cm with the new Sedona working well.

The rest of the fish where a Bream, Flounder, Trevally, not a bad feed and No 1 son got his big Trevally which filleted nicely.

The Gear

Bait: Full Peeled Prawn

Hook: 2/0 (Sinker running free to hook)

Reel: Stradic 2500 & Sedona 2500

Line: 4lb Firewire with 15lb Leader / 6lb Firewire with 15lb Leader

Rod: Ugly Stick / Shimano

Where: The Oil Wharf; Botany Bay.

When: 24 Feb 08

Tide: Run out (1hour after high)

Weather: Overcast 11:30 ish


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hey impulse thats for the report.... i like the way you breakdown the detials of the fishing trip... very informative. Its good to have an idea of whats biting and where....

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Great report Impulse. Thanks. Congratulations on getting some legal snapper in the Bay.

where is the oil wharf at botany? any pics of the place?


If you go to the section "GPS Marks" in the "Boating" section, find the forum entitled "Another Thread Suggestion". Way down the bottom of the first page (keep scrolling) you'll find a great map posted by Kruzenvax. You'll see the oil wharf at coordinates M16. I hope this helps.



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