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Persistance & Patience Pays Off


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Woohooo!!! I finally landed some bream from Hodgey's special bream lure!!!

I set out this morning with my Hobie (terrific for casting & retrieving in the shallows & quieter spots around the lake here.) Not having to paddle is such a bonus when in a yak!

Hodgey had very kindly sent me half a dozen of his 'special' bream lures, but I'd had no luck up till now!! I'd tried them on & off & decided TODAY WAS THE DAY!!!

Heading up the Breckinbridge channel, I drifted & pedalled down the left hand side, casting into the shallows at high tide this morning. Had a few hits & misses before I reached Blue Peter, then I am on to an acrobatic pike! It jumped in the air twice .... and at this point in time, it hadn't even been hooked! :wacko: It really wanted that lure! Got him in & let him go .... no jewie fishing tongiht! :) Mind you, pike make fantstic cut baits for bream!

Keep casting & big swirls, big misses then a hit!! Woohoo - a nice little bream! (Most emphasis on the word 'little'!) post-2231-1204692549_thumb.jpg

I kept casting - this lure casting is literally about 'a cast of thousands' and we are not talking making movies here!!! Ya gotta keep trying difference speeds, bloops, one or two, fast, slow or even the famous 'do nothing retrieve', where you are just contemplating the scenery & something smashes your lure!! Don't give up!!!

This is where the ones that catch fish outstrip the ones that don't catch fish! We don't give up!!!! :)

Had a really good one on there at one moment .... thought it might be a big pike, but boy did he pull! Then he pulled right off the hooks!! :( I really do reckon he was a nice bream. Got another one later that did the same thing ...... got off! Darnit! Gotta keep casting - gee that 6lb crystal fireline floats like a cobweb! Shoots well, too.

Yippee! Onto another one (this was after a bit of disloyalty, where I had reverted to the clear one that had done the trick at SWR ..... but I felt guilty, so put Hodgey's back on again!) Instant success

post-2231-1204692681_thumb.jpg A keeper this time - went to 30cm .... but I put him back!

Lots more swirls & misses & the tide starts to run out. Thousands of mullet & Big Blackies around ..... aaaaagh!! I must stick to bream (or anything else that will take the popper!!!!)

Heading back down the Breck channel towards my pickup point (once again, I'd changed it from 12pm to 2pm :biggrin2: )

I'd had lots of hits just past Barclays oysters on the way up, so figured the fish must now be in the leases a the whole area was now exposed weedbeds. So I pedalled into the lease & came down one of the main channels - oyster racks on both sides! Here's trouble, I thought! :wacko: Gonna lose my lure for sure!

Not so!! Got lots of swirls, hits & Misses - you really do have to concentrate on your lure! As you bloop it back to you, observe closely - did you make that wave movement or was it a fish! If you have blooped it, then it does something on its own ..... it's a fish!!!

Got him! Just another small one, but, who cares! Surrounded by oyster racks, the chances of getting off are very high ..... along with taking my lure as some sort of 'bling'!!


As you can see, when in the racks you have to be very accurate with your casting. The wind & current can make an OK cast into a disaster! Cast with confidence, don't just plop them down .... you will surely get an oyster covered snag!


At the end of the day (early afternoon, really! :)) I had landed 3, hooked 6 & missed God Knows how many more ..... fantastic day on the water!!!

The lure of choice today - Hodgey's favourite, nailing them down Tuross way ..... the translucent yellow by surecatch/surebite! If you haven't got one or 2 (or 5 or 6) in your lure box, you will be missing out!! ACtually, I only have 4 left now ..... gave some to my new buddies at SWR who hadn't caught bream on lures ...... yet!! Just a matter of time now, tho, I reckon!!!

If you haven't tried popper fishing for bream, give it a go! The surecatch ones are like, $10 for 2, so you don't have to sell off the house to get some! They don't catch the mangrove roots or weed, like the normal hbs that submerge! Make them look like an injured fish or cicada trying to get away .....WHACK!!! Be ready!

Cheerio for now .... will be busy now till Easter, so maybe only twilight or weekend fishing for me!! :wacko:


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You little ripper! :yahoo::yahoo:

The key to successful poppering (as you are now fully aware) is finding out which retrieve they like on the day. The fact that you caught them on those poppers is the icing on the cake! :clapping::thumbup:

Great stuff Roberta


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Awsome result Roberta,

those cheap poppers from Wilson do really well & at $3-4ea they are a budget loss.

Just change the hooks before you use them.

Mine end up in native mouths!

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Very nice Roberta.

I wish still had a good set of oyster racks down here in Botany bay. I keep hearing that they are coming back but no sign of any major changes unfortunately.


Try fishing poppers over the weedbeds at Towra plenty of bream there at the moment just dont work them too fast or you will lose them to tailor

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