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Very Special Jew


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Hi All,

After having some difficulty in getting to the water in the last few months due to family, weather & work committments, I did what every Australian would do & chucked a sickie... :biggrin2:

Organised a capable deckie (Aero) with the aim to have some fun, relax & get onto some fish.

The bay was looking a lot better than it has for a while, water clarity a lot better, water temp a bit cooler.

We found some squid but could'nt entice Mr King.

As the banter/bulls*%^ was exchanged my leader knott failed, resulting in a rant from Chris, regarding checking/replacing lines...blah...blah...blah.

Now being older & wiser of the two, I calmly proceeded to replace the leader, tie new jig & put my jewie lure on...I got up "Let me show you how to catch a jew" i cried as I took a cast....

And this is what I caught...



Later weight at 11kg, going 107cm...my new personal best on lure, but best of all the youngster was gobsmacked :bleh:

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Well Well,

My reply to steves "I'm ON" was a long sentence full of explicatives that only God, Steve and myself heard.

The fact that I plugged a few casts in that very area that steve got this fish without so much as a sniff is beyond me. I basically put it down to devine intervention, the fact that God popped your leader and made you re rig it is enough for me.

Regardless, well done mate, it was a pleasure to be able to help land your new PB.

Chopper, it was taken up the front of Botany Bay. Roberta, 5 inch Berkley Jerk shad did the damage (again)

Greg, Common,

We all know how good bream are as Live baits, on the barbie, steamed, OH and of course 5kgs in the livewell are good too !

P.S For some unknown reason, everytime I suggest Steve uses a new lure, a new colour, a new style the first frigging fish he manages to catch WITHOUT fail is a jew. This is the 4th time he's done it to me.

Gobsmacked is an understatement Steve !

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What a fish! Great effort mate. I take it your boss isn't a raider?? :tease:

You certainly picked the right weather for a day off. It's good to see people focused on the important things in life:

1. Fishing

2. Getting one over your mates :biggrin2:

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the kind words.

Still buzzing...really enjoyed this particular capture..it was fulfilling in so many ways. :biggrin2:

As Chris replied, it was a 5" shad in white, with a 7gram jig head on 16lb trace, tide was outgoing.

As for "devine Intervention" ??????? You surely are clutching at straws Chris.

Nothing more than skill, technique & detailed knowledge :risata::mfr_lol:

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