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Burraneer Bay Jewfish Session Jewgaffer & Waterrat 5/03/08


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Hi Everyone.

I would like to thank my good friend Chris (Waterrat) a relatively new Fishraider member who is an officer in the N.S.W. Water Police based in the Botany Bay/Port Hacking and surrounding areas, for inviting me to fish in his excellent new Seafarer to see if I could get him onto some jewfish. In spite of his intricate knowledge of the bay/s and both rivers, the deep holes, the sand bars, the wrecks and hazards and his knowledge of the cliffs near the heads as well as right up to the end sections of both rivers, Chris, who fishes whenever he gets an opportunity, had never managed to catch a jewfish until yesterday.

In deciding where we should fish on Tuesday a day which suited Chris, I recommended Port Hacking over Botany Bay and the Georges because of the number of school jew that have been caught recently at Wanda Beach.

I chose Port Hacking, although it is not a renowned jewspot as such, however the wind being in the right direction after the recent cold southerlys had changed to north easterly on Monday, I felt it would push the areas baitfish up river on the run in tide and therefore some jew in the area were more likely to hunt in the Port Hacking waterways.

I also felt that the Hacking would be better because it has much smaller thoroughfares and hence more chances in one particular prime spot and we could wait with a big assortment of live bait which we subsequently managed to catch.

The Port Hacking River to my mind is more like a series of small bays than a river because of its lack of connection with freshwater due to the weir dividing the river at Audley.

I happened to mention to Chris on Sunday that Monday would be the better choice as an easterly change was coming in over an ongoing southerly which caused a shutdown during the week and over the weekend.

Chris has been living close to the Port Hacking River for quite a few years now and is a very dedicated fisherman and gets good results in most other species, using natural baits and live baits he collects himself Chris is also qualified in safe boating practices, navigation and rescue work and he is a very keen fisherman and keen on passing his knowledge and it is a pleasure to have his company boating and fishing.

I think the smile on Chris's face in the picture says it all and he said he can't wait to show his very first jewfish to his family and he says now that he has been successfull, he loves the feeling of anticipation when it all suddenly goes still and quiet at night in jewfish territory :1yikes:


I will add the other pics that turned out in the next post as they won't resize enough to include in this post.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Here are a few more pics and one of my favorite eel species which somehow I missed out on at Hawkesbury last trip :lol:

A good assortment of live bait


The eel that tied the world's tightest five line double universal knot :074:


A smiling Chris again


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Well done Chris on the capture of your first Jew mate.

Byron, you have managed to land a huge smile on the young blokes face, your determination and wealth of knowledge has once again paid off.

Cant wait to team up with you Gaffer.

Well done Chris , many more jewies to come your way.

Twin 1

Marcel. :thumbup:

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NEWS FLASH! The "Jewgaffer" does it again.

Byron thanks for hooking me up with my first jew last night. It took a while but you cetainly did deliver in the end. I understand you have never failed to deliver your fishraider fishing buddy a jew yet. Very impressive record. Even though you hadn't fished the Hacking for jew in over six years you still knew exactly where the live bait would be and put us right on the spot for the jew. I must admit I was getting a bit worried sitting in the boat waiting it out. There appeared to be nothin about, not even a small reddy to take my beautiful live nipper. Then suddently without warning the silence was broken as my baitcaster buckled over in the rod holder and the little calcutta started screaming. This is what we've been waiting for! Byron called it straight away. After playing the fish for a good five minutes on the light gear we got him to the side of the boat and Byron hit the mark with the gaff & he was on board. Not massive at 65cm and just under 3kg but a great fish for my first jewie. Thanks again Byron & looking forward to visiting your home ground on the Hawksbury for some more action in the near future.

Cheers...waterat :yahoo:

P.S I found your 80LB mono trace in the bilge, will drop it to you next time you fish the bridge.

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Great effort Waterrat, I say you rather than Jewgaffer as it was your cleaver mind that set about teaming up with the legend & therefore you won the prize. :clapping:

Can't help but be amazed by your knowledge & obvious passion for teaching others Jewgaffer. Must've been nice to know you had the :busted_cop: on your side :biggrin2:

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Well done Chris & Jewgaffer! Terrific result! On light gear, too.

Put in the time & you get the results! It also helps having Jewgaffer on board! :)



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Congrats Chris on your first jewie and how good is Byron for getting another

Raider onto his first jew.

His knowledge of everything mulloway is stuff you can't buy in a shop

and to have him tutor you in the dark art of jewie fishing is all you could want.

Well done fellas.



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Well done waterrat on your first jewie :thumbup:

I think jewgaffer might be due for a name change to jewmaster or jewie whisperer. :biggrin2:

In case there is ever a Fishraider jewfish social,Im putting my name down now on top of the list as a partner for jewgaffer :1prop:



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Congrats Chris on your 1st Jew!!

Jewgaffer you are a true Champion of the Jew... :1prop:

Can't wait to get amongst it and bag me my first Jew, with all the new info from your reports!!


Ryhno :thumbup:

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:thumbup: well done Chris on your 1st jew...

big :thumbup: well done to you byron for putting another raider onto a good jew....

i can see alot of long nights ahead for you now chris now you have the jew bug :074:

im sure byron passed on alot of good info during the session so armed with that im sure it wont be the last jew we see you posting about...


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Well done Chris and welcome! And well done to you too Byron! :thumbup:

If winners are grinners, you should both be grinning from ear to ear!

I hope this is the first of many great (jewie) reports from you Chris.



PS Byron, I reckon Pick-A-Box Syd will be itching to go out with you soon (along with a thousand other Raiders!). He has never caught a jew either. :(

Thanks for sharing you experience and knowledge.

By the way, we had a good day today off Cronulla and Syd is in the good books with the :wife: because he brought home a flounder. I'll try and get a report up tomorrow.

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Well done Chris on your first jew. After having only just recently broken my duck I know how you are feeling. Big smile ofr at least a week !!! :biggrin2:

Great report Jewgaffer. You really do put in a lot of thought into your fishing and its good to see the rewards match the effort.


mr mojo

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Congrats on your Jew, WaterRat. :beersmile:

I am yet to get one over 60cm myself and am envious of raiders that have. One day I hope to change it.

Jewgaffer, I along with probably a lot of others would have cut the bloody Eel off rather than try to untie it. I hate the slime they leave all over your hands etc.

Good Job :thumbup:


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