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Botany Bay Yesterday


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Went out yesterday eveing with Mr Jewfish King in the bay, while we were hunting jewfish we didnt manage to catch any, we did however notice that the last couple of occasions we've been out our squid baits havent lasted very long as there a large amount of aussie salmon more than willing to accept our offerings. It was getting a bit silly yesterday, our baits wouldnt last 5 mins which a salmon latching on, great news if you're targeting these fish, pain in the a%s if you're not.

Anyways we lost count of how many salmon were caught and released, we did manage a couple of tailor as well, one was over the 50cm mark quite easily.

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Bad luck on the lack of jewies Ali, but at least the sambo's and tailor kept you busy.

What sort of size were the salmon and did they put on an aerial display for you ?

mr mojo

The fish were 50cm plus, some significantly bigger and they were going mental jumping out of the water once hooked.

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