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Harbour Kings?


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Hi Raiders.

I have been reading great reports recently on Kingfish being caught in good numbers in Sydney Harbour.After a year of waiting, myself and two mates hit Rose Bay at sunlight today headed over to Balmoral managed to catch some very smallish yellowtail in good time but then the hard part came in.We travelled to the Wedding Cakes to Clifton Gardens and Middle Harbour and with no luck finding the good old bouy just inside North Head we were in desperate need to even get a buzz from the reels.Not a single hit all day.We catch kings landbased 90% of the time but as soon as we sit in the boat nothing .....So was today just not a good fishing day or are we in the wrong places or are we just ot doing it right?Its very frustrating as we all know but I would really appreciate it if some of you pro`s out there could give us a few hints and tips if you think were fishing wrong or just point us in the right direction for kings and decent livebait grounds.Mind you we are limited to the calm Harbour as the boat is only little, Hope to hear from you guys thanks and cheers :( HELP ME!!

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Those small yakkas ( or KingFish Tim Tams ) are very popular with the kings this season. Shark Island and the mooring drum near Clifton Gardens have produced kingies for many this year. Also , the yellow marker at North Head was removed a few months ago , but if you follow that reef towards the open ocean , you may well get a strike or two there . ( That is where #1 Son caught his Social winning Kingy).

We will be out there trying tomorrow !! :thumbup:


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Hey Reef Rebel

Take some comfort in the fact that they have been a lot harder to get this last week.

You can see heaps of them on the sounder but they just don't want to have a go like they did a few weeks ago.

Downrig yakkas have worked the best for me.



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hi reef rebel

used to have a spot that fired for yakkas and kings but that was 20yrs ago :1prop:

i hope it is not somebodies spotx now

east of old mans hat waterfall running down rocks anchor 20,30mts out from rocks burley well heaps ofbaitfish and kings also got them on surface poppers

dont know how it fishes these days

good luck hope this helps

peter :1fishing1:

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