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Gps Chartplotters


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As there are so many combos and stand alones out there on the market, i am after a stand alone GPS Chartplotter and not a combo.

Most fishing is done inside the Bays and inshore reefs.

With so many to choose from, I am after one that is accurate and which allows you to save multiple amounts of points,routes,etc.

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G'day Varos,

I wouldn't know which model to recommend but I've used Lowrance GPS plotters on my last 2 boats (current is a sounder combo though). I'm not any kind of expert on them so couldn't tell you the differnences between brands but what I can tell you is that the Lowrance models are very user friendly... every model I've ever seen (and the Eagle ones too... they're made by the same company I think) uses exactly the same menu and button system so you don't have to relearn how to use each new one.

The menu system is simple, logical and quick. The plotter part of my current LMS337 is fantastic: stores heaps of info, has a fantastic map of the whole East Coast but it's easy to get any map I want, is simple and fast to edit/add to/etc, has a big clear display.

I've not used too many other brands so they could be just as good or better but you won't be disappointed with a Lowrance unit.

Cheers, Slinky

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Mate I don't think your in the market for a chartplotter at that amount of money I hope I'm wrong but for that price you are more looking at a gps or a hand held garmin with mapping perhaps anyhow good luck. I have a garmin chartplotter and to be honest their idiot proof!!!! very simple indeed


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