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The Wier 54cm Bass Pics

Robbo 81

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went down the wier today with miller. He though it was quite funny that he landed 3 or 4

mullet and I couldn't get any. I managed 1 a little later.

miller had to go as he was not supposed to be out as his mrs banned him from fishing for a month :D

I hung round for another 2 hours and landed 5 good sized mullet.

all packed up and ready to leave, one of the blokes next to me was on, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! BIG TIME!

Then I realized this guy was using lures. This was a bass making all the noise.

a few moments later he pulled in a monster bass at 54cm And was ecstatic! as he should be. he said his name was robbo and the other bloke was robertson so if your out there guys, well done again.

I've got photos on my phone and will be posting them up once I can get them out of my phone.

the young bloke on the bottom caught it



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That's a sensational Bass and if it did indeed come out of the Nepean that's a special and rare catch for that area.

Anything around the 40cm mark is considered a good fish down there so that's a once in a blue moon fish.

I was down there today at dawn with Andy and hooked one bass in an eddy near the bank down stream just past the weir where the water still runs pretty quick. It was a good fish and managed to get into the faster current and the hook pulled.

I've never seen a Bass that big come out of the nepean in the years I've been fishing for Bass down there.

It's great to know they are down there :thumbup:

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yeah penrith wier guys.

I was amazed by it.

you should have seen the guy, he just kept sayin" is this a record fish? is this a record fish?"

I left straight after and could still hear them screaming all the way back at my car

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I think the effort you've put in at the weir this year you deserved that fish but.... at least you were there for the experience!!! Thanks for the pics, that's one BIG Bass mate... and just when we all thought the rains had ended the season!!!

Catch you on the water!!!


PJ Garn

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