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Great Day Of Sydney For A Good Feed


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my two brothers and I headed out of Sydney at about 6 am keen to get into some fish after being pinned down at work for way to long .

Plan was to hit the reefs and gravel beds outside to see what was biting. Saw the fishfinder charter out there not to far from where we started our adventures.Things started of a bit slow but it didn't take to long for the old trusty flathead to grace us with their presence.There were plenty of smaller fish just under legal.

After about an hour and a half we had some lizards in the ice slurry,not one tiger to be found but I am not complaining.

Decided to move on in the hope of hooking up some snapper possibly and our first mowie on the new boat.

After a hard night on the sauce and little sleep the sun was starting to make me feel a little seedy so I went and crashed in the cab for a while, I woke about an hour later to find millpond conditions and some nice fish in the boat, my bro finally got into the mowies but no snapper three nice fish to be precise,moved on again and found a big patch of wrasse, we kept a few bigger ones to see how they are on the table but soon had enough of them so decided to head home before the big crowds gathered for the jet boat races

Can't wait to get out again and hit the jewies outside

Been trying for an hour to upload pictures with no luck, please help!!!!

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to post pics you have to resize them, i email the pics to myself and when the little box (computer talk)thing says would you like to make you pics smaller, click yes ,then email those pics to yourself make a folder called resized pics ,put them in there so they dont get mixed up with the full quality photos and you end up deleting the wrong ones ,im not admiting that ive done that ,but a mate of a mates

then click browse,select pic then this forum asks your to select the pic again (add this attachment )

something like that

there probably is an easier way but as ive learnt all my computer skills on a playstation , thats the way i do it

good luck

cheers arman

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We have a tutorial on posting pics , it can be found HERE.

I have fouund the easiest way to resize pics is to use Image Resizer . You can find it HERE. Just download and install this tiny program , then all you need do is right click on the pic you want to resize , select the size , and click OK . Thats it . Job Done .


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