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    • Daiwa Senor
    • shimano tiralejo
    • FSU 5120

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Hi all,

I am thinking to get second rod as my rock fishing rod. At the moment I am using a FSU 4120, which matches with Penn slammer 560 with 60lb line. This rod can handle groper 5kg+ groper with ease and my best so far is 8kg with no prob at all(still haven't hook a king yet). The reason I want a another rod is I find that the butt section of 4120 is too thick and the weight...am I too fuss but I love my fishing and I want to fish all day with comfort.

The two new rod I am looking at is Daiwa Senor 13' and Shmano Tiralejo 13'. They both cover all my needs and they look really stonger. Also got advices from one of my local tackle shop that they said FSU 5120 which handles a big king or groper off the rocks better than both these other rods put togther. I am not suprise since I have heard a lot of good success with 5120. But does anyone ever fish with all three rods and what they prefer? Other concern is $$$, the shimano cost around $700 compare to FSU 5120 which is $300. Is it worth it, I know the components use for the shimano are all top quality but..........all advice would be great



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For around the $350-400.00 mark you can have a custom built composite stick made for you.

I've fished with 5120's & they are a nice rod for the price.

I'd never swap it for my custom stick though.

I also have a Shimano backbone elite BB10 overhead. It's a fun rod to use & has many applications.

I've also had a 12ft Silstar Powertip 7144 for 10 yrs & still use it. A well built 7144 is a great allrounder off the beach.

You don't need to spend $600-700.00 for a nice beach rod. Work out what you are targetting & choose your rod accordingly.



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hey mate

i have an FSU5120. they are great rods. use them off the breakwalls for jewies, of the rocks for kings and groper and of the beach.

if going of the rocks use mono(bit tougher) but braid for the beach.


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5120's still have a thick butt section and are heavy. You could go a G version, which is a touch lighter,have a stiffer action, but are still quite thick in the butt once built up. If you are just punching out a bait then you could get away with a 5120 as they are cheap, but if you are spinning a bit get a custom job or one of the other rods which are lighter.

I use braid of the rocks, but am spinning so not too worried. If you are potholing for groper etc, and will be snagging up and pulling fish out of the rubble go mono.

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Most, if not all of my rods are carbon fibre and I only fish off the rocks. You just need to be conscience of not throwing them on the ground, or dropping them onto sharp rocks. And when you rest them against something take your time and dont just jam it in. Ive never broken any of my graphite rods (some costing $$$) whilst rock fishing along some not so forgiving areas. If you arent the type to look after your gear then go the 5120, but if you like using nice modern ,stuff then try something different.

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