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How To Tidy Up The All The Wiring


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With a Fishfinder, Chartplotter, VHF & 27meg radio + the normal boat wiring, the inside of my Quinn half-cabin looks a bit untidy with wire-spaghetti :blush:

Has anyone come across and neat and cheap way of tidying up all the wiring? Everything is tied together with cable-ties so it's not running higgledy-piggledy, but none-the-less it's a bit unsightly and I'd like to have it looking nicer...

(or am I being too picky :wacko: )



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hi Holmesie,

you can get some split flexable tubing from whitworths/bias or even most electrical suppliers...

use some of those cable tie fixing plates with the 3m grade sticky bit and your all ready to go...

i have done this on my last boat and plan on doing it eventually to my current one...

makes it alot neater and costs peanuts to do yourself......

while your at it could be good to add under gunnel led lighting if not already done...another of my to do's...

hope this helps...

cheers... steve.....

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