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Fishing Report 12/3/08 Rose Bay


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hired a boat with a mate for the afternoon down at rose bay; headed straight out to the point (sorry dont have a name); caught about 4 small fish each (all no bigger than the palm of your hand; threw them all back apart from one that died almost instantly cuase it swalled the hook unfortunately....mate kept that on the end of his line and cast it back out not really expecting much; think it was boredom more than anything; reeled it back in only to find a huge squid on the end of it...unfortunately couldnt land it but was exciting all the same

after trying a for bit longer around there we jetted around to shark island and fished just on the inside of the wharf structure there; where i caught about 8 fish in half an hour and my mate caught 2 (smashed him :thumbup: ha ha, including one huge leatherjacket which i took home for a -very- nice feed)

all in all just one keeper fish but the action was hot and it was a fantastic day to be out on/in the water. good times!

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Yeah sure looked like top conditions to be out on the water today.

petty you never landed that squid , you could of turned it into a couple a kings around shark island.

Im sure you will next time though.

practice makes perfect (with a little luck thrown in):biggrin2:

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