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Heading To Botany For The First Time.....help?


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Im heading to Botany for the first time this Easter..I plan to be there from Thursday night untill saturday noon..I'm traveling from Bathurst and would like any tips for flatties, bream or snapper and jewies if they are around.. i will try around the runways, but will also try outside just off the heads..

Any help at all would be greatfull.. Also I will be traveling through Liverpool and the only bait shop that I know of is the the one near the bridge just before Bankstown airport.. I then will be going on down the M5..Is there anyothers that might be one my way that I could buy bait over easter and at early and late hours. :1fishing1: Good luck to all...

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Hey mate. A few spots worth a try are:

Molineaux point, which is recognisable as the man made rock wall near the shipping wharves. Trevally, Bream, Kings, possibility of a jewie, big catches of blackfish.

3rd runway, there is fair bream fishing if you anchor just outside of the 50m exclusion zone and fish lightly wighted baits cast toward the runway walls. Flathead here too so it pays to drift a good sized bait. Have had my best ever flathead session there on soft plastics over a small dropoff.

Bare Island for Squid

Hot Water outlet near the Oil Refinery Wharf at the southern side of botany bay. Trevally, Bream, Flatties, Kings.

The Drums, which are the huge floating cans in the bay where Oil ships are moored. Try for kingies and Trevally.

The bridges at night for Jews.

Towra for whiting but i'm not sure as to what of it is marine park.

Tailor can usually be picked up around the shallows of the many sandy beaches

Botany can be a funny place to fish sometimes. Usually old servo bait works there, but at least try to catch some fresh bait for best chances. Squid, nippers, fresh prawns work well.

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i fished the runway last weekend with :wife: for 1000s of slimmies and yackas

the big slimies where fun on 2kg line

put some down live with no result!

burley is a must

i suggest going before dusk and getting some livies and then staying there or go to the bridges after dark for some jewies :thumbup:

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