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Bait Shops?


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Hi all I will traveling down from Bathurst to botany bay at Easter. I will be going through liverpool the rest of the trip i will be on the M7 & M5.. Just woundering If there are any good Bait shops in Liverpool area, or Servo's that sell bait? The only one that I know of is the little shop on the corner near or just before the bridge at Bankstown airport ( on the chippy norton side).. I have to visit family in Liverpool and they are not fisho's..... :1fishing1:

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mate you are talking about the bait shop on newbridge road near the river.... there is another reasonable tackle shop further up newbridge road closer to liverpool. Im not sure what it is called but i think it is after the maccas as you are heading down newbridge road towards bankstown on your left hand side.

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Hi yarraone

For going to Botany Bay from the Bathurst area and stopping off at Liverpool, it would be quicker and easier to use the M5 rather than going the back way.

You can buy your bait from Mac's Bait shop at Blakehurst. They have a good assortment of bait including live worms and nippers.

Mac's is on the left hand side just around the last bend before you cross over Tom Ugly's Bridge. You have to start slowing down on the inside lane.and drive in with your boat into a parking area which also services the retail fish shop almost next door.

There is a boat ramp called the Hole in the Wall at Sylvania Waters, not far from CC bridge or the one I use for the two Bridges and Botany Bay is just over Tom Ugly's Bridge south side and in between the two spans of that bridge. Boats going out thru the Botany Bay heads quite often use either of these boat ramps, depending on the direction they're arriving from.

Mac's Bait shop is only about 30 minutes away from where you re-enter the M5 at Casula, turning off at King Georges Road Beverly Hills. They open fairly early and close about 7pm or later, but what days I'm not sure . You can ring them and check what their hours are and over Easter etc.

Hope you do better than you did up at Hawkesbury last time you came down


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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If you are going to launch at Port Botany , go another 5 minutes further on to Matraville , and see sponsor Fishfinder bait and tackle. He opens very early , and always has good quality bait!!

Just a reminder guys , no mentioning of non sponsors businesses is permitted in the forums !!


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