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Syndey Harbour, 2 Weeks In Review


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Sydney harbour today was beautiful to say the least. My mate and i decided to just chase some kingies and after a slow start we managed to get into them.

The first king was ony about 58cm so off he went back into the drink to fight another day (they truly are a great looking fish). The second kingie had a slow start but turned on the jets as soon as he saw the boat. A great fight on the 8lb to come up with a 67cm specimin which was a very slender fish. He had a treble in his mouth, a big one at that, anyone missing one?

So naturally, the surrounding boats believe they will catch fish if they move within 10m of you. So typically that's when the biggest king hits. I put as much pressure on the fish as i could on 8lb but this run was awesome. No clicker on my 1000 reel but the braid hissing through the guides under pressure is just as awesome if not better! Anyways it goes around their line and typically they wrench their rod busting me off. I was :ranting2: to say the least.... well they didn;t get any being next to us anyways. We hooked another king on the 8lb which i gave to my mate who had not got anything and he enjoyed the fight as always. 63cm, so back he goes! Anyways that was it for today because soccer was on in the arvo. Also worth noting we managed 5 bream around 30cm.

Worth a mention went to the hawkesbury last night for jewies.. plague proportions of hammerheads and the odd bronze whaler.

I have been fishing a lot over the past two weeks but havn't posted a report in some time. On every outing i have managed 2 kings at least and they are relly great sport on light gear. I really recommend putting away the big overheads loaded with 50lb braid and trying the light stuff. In fact, over the past 3 weeks since i have converted to 8lb, today was the fist bustoff, and it was on someone elses line not on structure. So as long as you position yourself correctly your in for a great fight.

Along with the kingies there have been plenty of bream around with my best at 37cm caught on tuesday last week. There are also good trevally in numbers some days up to about 50cm which also are great sport.

Also worth noting is the presence of bonito. They fronted well before the rains in the harbour but have been a bit scarce since the extra fresh water. Hopefully after this break of fine weather they will re-appear before the water cools.

I took my younger brother fishing last weekend and dad too. They are more used to fishing for bream and whiting etc. Dad was absolutely hilarious! He hooks up to a kingy and the thing starts running hard on the 10lb. He freaked out and clamped the spool and the line snaps in his face :074: . Well the next one he managed to land after a good tussle (great to see the old man break a beaming smile). My brother maaged a double of firsts. His first kingfish and his first bonito (which he got 2). Again on light gear it tested his skills which he passed with ease. Was very happy for him and he sure is keen to come out again!

Well all this writing deserves a pic or two...


Here was a cracker day before uni, 65cm, 67cm, 71cm and 73cm


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mate i have to agree with you on the light line.we use 6lb fire wire on bream gear,what a blast the kings are on light line,but the question is how light can we go,i brought some 1lb,but as yet have not been game to spool it up

great post regards brickman

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